Zlata Chochieva’s new album: «Rachmaninoff Etudes-tableaux complete»

«… one of the most interesting and unusual pianists today.»
― Stephen Kovacevich

«… the possessor of a comprehensive technique who brings an inner glow to every bar. [. . .] Poetic and pianistic command could hardly go further.»
― Gramophone

«… amazing easiness and extraordinary inner power.»
― Crescendo magazine

«I see no reason preventing her from becoming one of the greatest pianists of the contemporary world.»
― Per Nystrom

«What colours and what understanding of the inner drama. She will become one of the ‘greats’ — in fact, she already is.»
― Leeuwarder Courant

«Chochieva seems a natural Rachmaninoff player, coaxing a darker sound from the keyboard and reveling in the big romantic melodies.»
― Miami Herald

«… in each piece, she seems to be telling a story which words are unable to express.»
― Piano News